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Filing for Bankruptcy relief is a real decision that people have to make. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they are frightened to come to the realization that they too might need to file Bankruptcy. Our highly knowledgeable team understands that people feel that they have nowhere to turn when they are facing that very important decision. That is why Modesto Bankruptcy Attorneys was formed---to give our local community a place to turn when they are feeling trapped. When you contact our office, you will immediately be scheduled with a FREE 45 MINUTE CONSULTATION with one of our extremely skilled Bankruptcy Attorneys who will take great pride in analyzing your situation and providing viable options for you.

Who is Modesto Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Modesto Bankruptcy Attorneys consists of a team of young, hard-working, intelligent attorneys that has teamed up to provide to the Modesto community with a trusted Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Firm. The team has over 18 years of legal experience as practicing attorneys and they use that real-world experience to ensure their clients are always fully educated about the Bankruptcy process, thoroughly prepared on what to expect, and completely confident in the legal team that is representing them.


Mr. Bains began his higher education at the University of California, Davis, where he excelled in his studies and graduated with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Sociology. Upon graduation, Mr. Bains immediately enrolled in Law School and gained an outstanding foundation for his legal career. During his time in Law School, Mr. Bains realized that with his background in Economics, his life-long passion for the financial industry, and his love of helping people, the study of Bankruptcy Law was where he decided to devote his legal career.

Upon graduation and becoming a first-time bar passer, Mr. Bains began his legal career as an associate attorney for a prominent Bankruptcy firm in Roseville, CA. Gaining experience in the field, Mr. Bains was later recruited to manage two of the four offices of a large Bankruptcy firm spread across Northern California and Nevada. Here, he was recognized as one of the most respected and well-versed Bankruptcy attorneys in the area.

Moreover, Mr. Bains later started his own Bankruptcy firm which is now known as a leading Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy firm in the Sacramento area. Mr. Bains assists hundreds of people each year to either file for Bankruptcy relief or at least consider Bankruptcy as an option. He is considered as a highly respected member of the local Bankruptcy community and is always ready and willing to fight for his clients.


Raised in Modesto, Mr. Hundal’s deep-roots have inspired him to offer his legal services within the Modesto community and the greater Central Valley. He also received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis, and subsequently received his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Here, he received certificates in Business and Taxation Law which have both provided an excellent foundation for Mr. Hundal’s passion for Bankruptcy Law. After graduating on the Dean’s Honor List, Mr. Hundal went on to pass the California Bar Exam on his first attempt.

Mr. Hundal has been utilizing his skilled understanding in Bankruptcy Law, Estate Planning, Taxation Matters, Debt Relief, Corporation Law and Property Law to reach successful results on behalf of his clients. The combination of Mr. Hundal’s understanding and experience in these areas of law provide clients with the confidence that competent, well-versed legal counsel is handling their Bankruptcy matter.

Mr. Hundal prides himself in achieving successful results on behalf of all his clients, which he attributes to a combination of not only his experience, but also his ability to offer clients clear and effective communication. With Mr. Hundal’s overall experience in these various financial-related areas of law, he is able to provide each of his Bankruptcy clients with a clear and concise outlook on their financial future after they successfully complete either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy matter.

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Should I File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

One of the crucial reasons we offer a FREE 45 MINUTE CONSULTATION is because we feel that it is necessary to determine what actual options a person has. The biggest determination that we will need to make is whether you need to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Both offer many advantages depending on your personal circumstances, goals, and financial position.

What Is The Process To File For Bankruptcy Relief?

Our team at Modesto Bankruptcy Attorneys understand that people are busy in their everyday lives. Moreover, we realize that we are hired to do a job and to do it smoothly. Thus, Modesto Bankruptcy Attorneys has established a streamlined 5-step process in order to file your Bankruptcy case:

  2. Gather certain documents and provide them to us.
  3. We prepare a draft of your Bankruptcy documents that will eventually be filed with the Court.
  4. Together, we will review those documents to ensure their accuracy, make any adjustments, and ultimately sign the final version.
  5. Our office will file your case online with the Bankruptcy Court.

Why Should You Contact Us?

One of the main reasons a person should contact our team is so we can use our 18+ years of experience practicing law to provide you a road map OF what your future could look like. It is very common for people facing a financial speed bump to have millions of thoughts and questions bombarding their mind at all times. Here at Modesto Bankruptcy Attorneys, we understand that and we want people to realize that we can still help.

During your FREE 45 MINUTE CONSULTATION, our first goal is to get to know you. We want to understand what has led you to contacting us in the first place. We will provide you with an open forum to explain to us your financial history. Once we have fully understood the reasons of your current financial struggles, we then take the time to comprehend what you are actually looking to accomplish; we want to know what you would like to see your future become.

After the blueprint of your finances has been laid out, we then use our vast experience in Bankruptcy Law to walk you through the realistic options that you have. We will discuss with you the pros and cons of each viable option. We will explain to you what it will take in order to move forward with each and every option that we lay out for you. Moreover, we will ultimately recommend to you based on our understanding of your finances, your goals, the Bankruptcy Code, the California Code of Civil Procedure, and the Local Rules of the Bankruptcy Court, the most advantageous plan moving forward. We will walk you through that plan in plain English so that you fully understand it and aren’t left being more confused by confusing legal jargon.

Furthermore, we will also be able to answer any questions that you have regarding the process. We take the saying “there are no stupid questions” to heart and advise you to ask any and all questions that you might have. We operate in such a manner because we realize that making the decision to file Bankruptcy (or not file) can be one of the most important decisions that one can make in their lifetime. Knowing that and knowing this whole Bankruptcy process is likely a foreign concept to you, our team of experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys will ensure that you are provided the information that will allow you to make an educated decision in order to better your financial future.

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